Little Gems This Weekend

Here are things that put extra liquid in my half full glass this weekend:
  • Saturday I had my families over for pizza since my brother and wife were up visiting. Always nice!
  • When I asked Mark if he was ready to play in our church's nursery, he walked in voluntarily!
  • Steve accomplished a big task and rewired our entire speaker system to accommodate the new 55in TV arriving Tuesday. Just in time for the Super Bowl -- 6 more days, baby!! Matt anticipates watching a Star Wars movie or two, which is just as nice.
  • Sunday night we ate out at one of our favorite places: OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE They offer a complete gluten free menu and Matt devours their ribs. Our waitress was so nice and helpful -- makes dining out a delight when you have such great service! Maybe it’s because her name was LORRIE???? hee hee

Have a great week, mate!!!