On the top of my list

Have you seen that Home Depot commercial where a family is trying hard to find something? They are looking through piles of papers, boxes, shelves of clutter, cabinets jammed with stuff and more. Instead the mom stumbles upon their "New Year's Resolution" list. It reads:

"4. Get organized"

The mom responds, "Maybe we should move 'get organized' to number one."

Oh how that commercial hit home. Our basement looks like one big storage bin. Things piled everywhere. Toys that are cycled in and out from being upstairs. Baby equipment collecting dust. Decorations I assume I will eventually use, but never do. And I won't begin to mention the other "what if" items that have been "what if-ing" for YEARS!! Are you feeling the pressure? I sure did!

Monday I called a local pregnancy assistant center to donate our baby gear. (Yes, we feel "complete" with two boys if you must know!) Next was a phone call to Amvets to pick up other items collecting dust.

Today I am left with more boxes to prepare! On that note......BACK TO WORK!