Sharing a Journey

March 2000 Stephanie along with her husband came to our home and announced they were having a baby (Noah). We were also expecting a child of our own (Matthew). We were so excited to share the special journey called parenthood together. It bonded our families. (Our hubbies were already best friends since high school.) We understood each other. Enjoyed many stroller-filled mall trips. Toddler meltdowns. Girl-time shopping while our hubbies watched the little ones. Super Bowl games. Cookouts. Picnics. Park trips.

September 2000 at my baby shower with Noah and Matthew in our tummies

In 2005 we shared this journey again while pregnant with Mark and Gray. It was special all over again. Being there for each other. Sharing our morning sickness. Backaches. Just being plain tired because this time we had other little ones to care for. Now we have to drive separately to Old Navy or McDonalds. One van doesn’t fit all of us!!

October 2005 days before little Gray was born

Happy 30th Birthday, Stephanie! Thanks for being my friend. My shopping companion. An ear when I have “one of those days” and need to vent frustration. A rock during Noah’s major attack. A calm voice. A yummy chef. A fashion queen. A GREAT MOMMY AND WIFE!!!