Our Growing Peanut

Some milestones worth mentioning:

  • Mark’s balance is developing more and more. I know this because he prefers to jump from the bottom step onto the ground. He thinks he can stand on his police car rocker toy. Even attempting a somersault is not a problem. I’ve gasped many times! He is tough as nails.
  • When Mark does #2 he will approach me, grab his crotch and say, “P P.” (Making a P-sound) If I don’t get up right away, he will put his hand under my butt and attempt to push me up. Guess he wants it changed ASAP??? On second thought, I would too! Look at the bright side: EASY TOILET TRAINER!!!
  • He prefers to eat things in "doubles". While eating a Cheez-It, he demands to have one in each hand while chewing on one already. Maybe he feels secure knowing the next one is ready?
  • On the subject of pickiness, he gets all bent outta shape when I pause TV (DVR). He will yell at the screen because something is “wrong”. Also, if something isn’t in place or a door is left ajar, leave it to Mark to fix it. He will not move on until it is. Possible OCD???
  • Mark desires to put his own pants on. Even though he fails over and over again, it is too cute watching his little feet trying ever so hard to go down one pant leg and then the other. One day I found him walking into a room with one of my T sleeves up one leg!
  • As Matthew hums “Star War’s” theme song, Mark hums along in his screaming sort of way. Actually, he seems to like that screaming sound all the time.