Lessons at Wal-Mart

Ran to Wal-mart yesterday. As I approached the check-out area, a blue-vested lady calls out, "I'll take care of you in isle 21." I reply, "Thank you. Oh, wait.....it says '10 items or less'. I obviously have more than that." (I was WAY over the limit!) "No problem, I'll still do it," she says as her hand motions to come by anyway as if there will be no problem.

There I am. Taking my items out. It was hard to handle everything on that small check-out table. And wouldn't you know it........

Here comes another customer. With less than ten items. As he is watching me check-out he gives me that glare. You know what glare I am talking about!

I wasn't even comfortable to explain the situation. I wanted to get my bags and high-tail it outta there. I felt awful even though I was persuaded to come. Haven't you been in a express lane and someone is checking out a cart-full? You wanna ring their neck and remind them, "You know the sign DOES say '10 items or less' for a reason!!" You could tell this man was hoping for an express-lane experience. I thwarted his plans! Just another lesson in patience. Not getting the full story. Being judgemental. Next time I'll keep my mouth shut when the roles are reverse.