What's Happening????

I woke up this morning and realized I have to endure 3 more months of winter. Someone pat my back and tell me it will be alright. The boys loves snow, but I prefer sitting on green grass while my little men play outside in shorts and T's. Until then I will sit here and drink my coffee from a mug with a snowman on it. BOO HOO

Monday I took Mark to U of C for a follow up on his endoscopy (October). All is well. Let's move on....

Matt brought home his report card. He received great marks on everything. That's my boy!

12 days until Super Bowl XLI, but who is counting?

Each morning I need motivation to get out of my PJ's and run errands. A hot shower feels oh so nice, but sometimes I prefer lazy days in sweats.

On that note I need to start my day....take a shower....and run to Target.

Bye bye PJ's! **sniff sniff**