A New Low???

While Matthew is eating breakfast this morning he says, “Mom, this cereal has a 110 calories. Wow. That means it is over 100% good for me. That means it is higher than fruit and vegetables!”

I wasn’t about to explain the concept of calories to a 6-year old.


Onto other news........

How many of you are American Idol fans? I admit not getting into this competitive show until last season when Taylor Hicks won. Simon Cowell’s honesty is harsh, but he usually sums up exactly what I am thinking.

I anticipated this season, but something isn’t the same. Is it me or are the celebrity panel of judges not only criticizing but ridiculing those that obviously appear to have mental challenges? I recall laughing at some, but feeling bad because these contestants obviously do not know better. I would never poke fun at an individual with special needs on the street, so why am I considering this entertainment?

A few teachers at Steve’s high school already decided to ban this season because they felt the judges crossed the line. Being educators, I take their opinions seriously.

Steve and I know one that "made it to Hollywood" and a couple that didn’t. They all said there is a first audition where they pool the “really awful” and “really good” together before they stand in front of Simon, Randy and Paula. All the mediocre go home. So it’s not like these auditions are surprises, but planned.

Feeling a little convicted over here. I am wondering if I should pull the plug on this season too. Has American Idol hit a new low? Are these harsh comments and laughing to humilation going too far?