Help for a Nagging Mom

Yesterday after picking Matt up from school we headed to our local mall. It has been months since I walked that place. During the holiday season I avoid it like the plague!

We were in Children’s Place and Matt insisted he push Mark in the stroller. Matt likes to help that way, but in my opinion it ends up causing more problems than helping.

“Matt, watch where you are going.”
“Matt, you are going to run into that lady.”
“Please stay next to me!!!”
“Don’t fight with Mark.”

"Keep it straight."

"Look in front of you."

These comments rushed out of my mouth and I was nagging about everything (big and little). Then I make the threat that Matt is taking away the opportunity to play in the Child Zone and all seems well again.

As we make our way out of the store in comes a family with a boy (probably 3 or 4). They are complaining about everything. Junior isn’t walking right.....standing right.....looking right.....talking right......

He wants to sit down. “Get up now,” the mom says in that annoyed voice. He wants to look at something. “Ugh, can you please stay here. You drive me nuts!!!” At this point both mom and dad start bickering at one another.

"Are you going to let him do that?"
"Will you watch YOUR son!"
"This is pointless!"
"You're not tired. Get off the floor!"
"Will you just walk!"

Everyone in the store can hear their struggle. I witnessed the toll it was taking on this little boy. It was a sad sight.

Looking back, Matt was trying to help and sometimes I nag over little things. He is only 6. He has a 6-year old mentality. I have to understand that. Granted, if Matt were going to run into a lady, I would have to step in, but his intentions were genuine and true. He wasn't out of control like I was painting him to be. He wanted to help his mommy. Most of my rants were about things that never happened anyway. I had to ask Matt for forgiveness about my stinky attitude. Even though I may have been tired of shopping, he didn't deserve that.

Can anyone relate?