A Meme of 7

Morning Song tagged me to reveal 7 random facts/habits about myself. Then I have to tag 7 more people. Here I go:
  • Steve and I were married 5 years before we had our first child (Matthew) and when we were ready to have another it took over a year to conceive Mark (4-1/2 years apart). Like I always say, "You can't plan everything." (But I work so hard to!)
  • We honeymooned in Maui and I just found out Steve and I have another opportunity to visit this island of paradise during next year's Spring break. WOO HOO! Details to come....
  • I fall asleep with the TV on a timer every night.
  • I am the only girl in my family: 2 brothers and 5 male cousins In addition to this testerone party I married Steve who has 2 brothers. And how could I forget my two sons?? Let's just say I can throw a football and play wiffle ball with the rest of them!
  • I am notorious at leaving glasses/mugs around the house 1/2 full of liquid. It drives Steve crazy when he finds pop cans with liquid in them. Some will be there for a day or two before I finally pitch them in our recycle bag. Hum....maybe that is why I titled this blog Glass Half Full? Not really. It is supposed to mean that I have a positive outlook being a mom.
  • I appear to be organized on the outside until people open my cabinets and drawers. SCARY!
  • My life changed when we got Tivo!

Now I tag the following people: The Berger Buzz, Gibson Funschool, Flip Flop Mamma, Life With All Boys, Showered with His Grace, Itty Bitty Bits of Me, and my new find Baseballs & Bows. WOW -- that's a lot of people!!!