Better Late Than Never

My camera is back! What would I do without my cell phone and digital camera??? As my dear friend, Happi, said: "I shudder at the thought!" And speaking of my high school pal, on Sunday afternoon she was in town for an expo and I popped in for a quick "hi" and a hug. We haven't seen each other in 5 long years (since our 10-year high school reunion in fact), so the moment (even though short) was very sweet. As we sat in the foyer catching up I chuckled. We were gabbing like we did before. Like no time had passed. It was precious. We couldn't help but also think how God planned our lives: both of us have two boys 4-1/2 years apart. TOO COOL!! Since I ran out of the house so anxious to see her, I forgot my digital camera -- again! We borrowed her sister's camera, so we'll share later. Maybe I need to tattoo "Will not forget my camera" on my forearm???

Remember when Hanes used to sell plain old white T-shirts and underwear? On Saturday as I am passing Target's intimates section their new Hanes display caught my eye: cool tanks and vivid-colored lounge pants. When did Hanes stuff get so cute? Also, Walmart sells the perfect sleep tee by none other than...you guessed it...Hanes. I absolutely love it and bought one in blue too.

So now I will share the photo of Matt's keepsake frame he made me for Mother's Day (finally). It states many encouraging words describing my position in this house: encourager, patient (really?), friend, nurse, wise (again, really?) and more. One phrase that touched my heart the most was "Mom +Me" colored by yours truly. AW!! That's my boy!!

PRAYER REQUEST: The surgical center called. Mark is scheduled for his tube insertion tomorrow morning @ 8:30am. Please pray all goes well and we are out quickly. Thanks!