Recalling the Days

A couple weeks ago I received a call from my parents’ Pastor asking if my mom and I would be interested in giving the Mother’s Day message that Sunday morning. In the middle of my addictions and reckless living before knowing Christ as a teenager, my parents prayed that I would one day give my life to Jesus and make him Lord. The bible's promises pierced their hearts and they knew only God could grab me out of the pit. My relationship with my family was strained, especially between my mother and me. I was angry and bitter. They grieved, but hoped. It was a time in my life that I wish never happened. To be erased. But call it what you want: any sin is still SIN! The end result was God's hand rescuing me and calling Him Lord. After speaking with Steve and my mom, I emailed back Pastor Jerry and accepted the offer. So my mom and I have been breaking down our message. Talking about where our focus should be. Where do we feel God is leading us? (to be announced of course)

We did a similar mother-daughter message at a church about a decade ago and it ministered to several. However, our family is at a different place spiritually. When we first shared our testimony I was married to Steve for only a couple years. We did not have children yet. Since then I now understand sacrificial love by having kids of my own. I pray one day my boys will know God and accept Him as Savior. I can finally put myself in my mother’s shoes and understand how sorrowful it must have been experiencing me running from God.

My spiritual journey has gone through twists and turns too – learning as I walk through life’s valleys, meadows and mountains. I’ve come to a place where I judge others less and desire to be more Christ-like. I've learned how to be a servant of the Lord. There have been times when Steve and I had to trust wholly in the Lord and He’s come through – maybe not how we planned, but God is sovereign and His ways are not always ours. And I’ve experienced God’s wonders and He’s always revealing more of Himself as I dwell in the Word.

I have forgotten most of my past through the renewing of my mind. Right now it’s hazier than ever. But lately I’ve been asking God to help recall areas that need to be shared. To remind me of my darkness during such an unpleasant time. Not that I need to relive the moment, but it would help me share what was in my heart at that particular time. It’s funny how God comes through because I’ve been in many situations these last couple weeks where He’s done just that - reminded me of His love for me even though I didn't deserve it. (And my local church’s series on God’s grace was an added bonus.) What timing!

So I ask you to think of my mom and me until Mother’s Day. Please pray that God touches lives that morning. That my family’s journey will minister hope to those who have given up. That relationships are restored. Renewed. That the message of forgiveness takes over. And most of all - that God is glorified!

Taken Thanksgiving 2002