Spring Fever(s)

And I don't mean the fever when you are longing for warmer temperatures and outdoor fun, but a fever that knocks on our front door -- unwelcomed and without warning. An illness after all the winter colds and seasonal flus have passed. Don't you wish you could just slam the door?

Mark's came Thursday soon after we arrived home from our Kindy 500 race (no wonder he fell asleep). Friday I took Mark in to see the doctor and after a negative strep test followed by a chest film they found pneumonia. Of course I had that feeling when his cough sounded wet and his temp reached 103.9! (Good news is his ear tubes were placed well and clear.) After a long day away at the doctor's Matt complained about "not feeling right". A fever with no other symptoms. Motrin/Tylenol is a good thing!

So we are staying close to home this weekend watching Pokemon and playing Xbox. We planned to celebrate Memorial Day with some close friends, but they are dealing with their own illnesses too. Seems like are plans are always thwarted thanks to coughs, fevers, stomach bugs and more. URG! This curse needs to be lifted, right Stephanie???
I'll leave you with a photo taken when I visited Happi last weekend. (Love ya, girlfriend!) She was dressed up for the expo while I sneaked in wearing my casuals....and lime green Crocs! It was so nice to see my friend. I hope all of you have a great holiday weekend!!