10 Goodies

Things that make my life good and a bit easier:

1. Horizon Organic Single Serve Chocolate Milk: I buy an 18-count box at COSTCO and best of all, they do not require refrigeration! Just store them in a closet and chill when needed. My boys love it and it beats soda!

2. Water Balloons: They make for endless fun. Mark likes to throw and pop his early while Matt sees how long his can endure. CAUTION: Get ready to protect yourself then strike back!

3. HDTV: Those blonde streaks in Blake's hair look clearer than ever....not to mention news anchor's wrinkles!

4. Tivo: Need I explain???? Watching my shows on my time.

5. "Lose My Soul" from Tobymac's Portable Sounds: Matt is a huge Tobymac fan and when I listen to this song it reminds me that world does not guarantee eternal joy -- only Christ! (Matt's picks are "Made to Love" and "Boomin" -- we are definitely past those cute songs from The Wiggles.)

6. Stickers: Mark's addiction and used to keep his attention while I finish a task.

7. A Bread Keeper: It stores Matt's gluten free bread and the slicing guide is wonderful. Every slice is perfect and even! (I am horrible at cutting slices)

8. No-Spill Bubble Tumblers: I find these in the "99 cent" toy bins at Target. Each boy has one and it's less messy, plus you won't have to worry about losing an entire bottle.

9. Tweezers: From plucking unsightly hairs to tightening a screw in sunglasses to getting out an irritating splinter out.....let's see....what else.....oh yeah, grabbing the lint outta the back of a hairdryer.

10. MY BED!