Putting my boys’ recent illnesses aside (they are 100% better now); this has been such a refreshing time. Sunday I met up with another high school pal. Stacey and I were never close in high school, but when I went stag to my 10-year high school reunion I ended up sitting at her table. We struck up a conversation and discovered we both met Jesus soon after high school. There we sat talking like we’ve known each other for years! Sharing our history. Our salvation story. I don’t mean to quote Casablanca, but it was the beginning of a beautiful (lasting) friendship.

We’ve stayed in touch ever since. Last weekend she was in town visiting her family and we decided to meet up at
Chipotle. And let me just say Chipotle rocks! Forget the Nacho Bell Grande at Taco Bell (gross), Chipotle is fresh and oh so yummy. Even more, they cater to a gluten free diet – SCORE! Can’t wait take Matt there so he can create his own burrito bowl! And do not get me started on the lime wedges by the fountain drinks to flavor my Coke or the delicious corn salsa. YUMMO! We grabbed our food and decided to eat outside. Stacey asked, “What time is it?” I grabbed my cell phone. Three hours had passed! As I sit here typing the right side of my face is bright red from the sun. How could I think about my skin when we were gabbing away? We hugged and made plans for our next visit when either of us is in each other’s town.

And who loves the new long/Bermuda shorts? Stephanie blogged about them and even posted a
beautiful picture of herself in them. You’ll never catch me wearing regular shorts thanks to spider veins and birthing two children. It’s about time shorts like these are in style! Monday I shopped at OLD NAVY and walked out with two pairs. Let’s burn the “who wears short shorts” and while we are at it I'll add skinny jeans and ultra low riders!

As I was shutting the windows preparing to turn our A/C on yesterday afternoon I stood for a minute watching my family in the backyard. Steve and Matt were playing kickball while Mark was running circles laughing. In that moment I was content. My family is healthy. Everyone is happy. It was a complete feeling and I stood there a few moments more......

So this week is the last full week of school. I’ll blog my feelings about wrapping up Matt’s kindergarten year later.....

And finally around here The Wiggles and Thomas the Train are resurfacing. Yes, Mark is finally interested in TV and Wags the Dog grabs his attention every time. Even Matt is tapping into the toddler within himself as he watches with his little brother. Is it awful to admit I am relieved Mark is a bit of a couch potato so I can indulge in moments to myself?