"Thanks, Google"

Beck revealed her list of google searches that lead many to her blog. This is just a taste of what I found people googling to lead them here:

"8 o'clock bedtime" Probably back from when I posted this. My blog also popped up when someone searched "7 o'clock bedtime". I will say this over and over again: early bedtimes are essential in keeping me sane and giving Steve time alone with me (watching a movie, playing a boardgame, talking......)

"glass hitting the head" Ok, that's just mean! What is this person thinking? Or even worse, contemplating?

"chamba chai latte costco" The best instant hot drink ever....also served on ice. It's up there with Starbucks lattes for sure!

"fifty things turning fifty" Get the Good Housekeeping list here.

So those of you that visit often, how did you manage to find your way here? What makes you keep visiting? Is this a survey? I don't know...just call me curious!