Crunch Time

Last week Matt's rookie baseball season came to an end. This week swimming lessons wrapped up on Wednesday. To my surprise I found out Matt can continue lessons for 3 weeks in July starting on the 9th. While I would gladly welcome an easier schedule, I've decided to sign Matt up again. He is having a blast and we'll all survive 3 more weeks of aimless Target visits and quick grocery store runs for Matt's sake!

There will be time for playdates with friends and their kids. Going to our local park's "splash pad" and having a nice picnic lunch. Traveling to a neat children's museum by a the beach. Maybe venturing out to the water park now that Matt is an expert swimmer -- or so he thinks! Steve may even grab a couple NASCAR tickets so he and Matt can have quality father/son time trackside. We'll make time considering there are 2 months left of summer vacation. We better plan wisely!