It's All Good

Another busy weekend is done. Thanks to Saturday's clouds and all-day rain, Matt's rookie ball picnic was rescheduled to Sunday. We already had plans to go to a friend's house Sunday. So double the parties. Double the fun. Double the food. Double the conversation. At the end of the day I was double tired!! (But the boys had a ball!)

Some great news: My dad went in for his cancer screening check up. He is doing well and everyone is very happy with his progress. TOTALLY CANCER FREE! God is good and saw our family through such an ugly time.

Can I admit something? I know this blog is titled Glass Half Full, but there are days when I dwell in the half-empty. When stress is on the rise and my kids are giving me whines and moans.

"I don't want that for lunch, mom!"
"Mark wants you to put his shoes on, again!"
"Why does the bathroom look like a monsoon hit?"

You would assume I would be struggling now that Steve is working so hard and I started wearing different hats around the house. My attitude is good -- give or take the times I wanna retreat to the bathroom for 5 minutes of peace! I know there is an end to all this craziness. I am content. We have good health, a house, food, family and friends. Isn't that what matters anyway?