That's a Wrap!

Today kindergarten ends. Seems like yesterday I posted this about Matt. Another bittersweet moment in our family. Time cannot be repeated. But as I think about what has passed I welcome the future. I wonder how my relationship with Matt will grow? What our family will explore together. God only knows, but I can't wait!!

He brought home a book entitled My Year in Kindergarten. It contains all kinds of pictures and writings from Matt throughout this school year. I thought about sharing one particular page which sums up Matt’s thoughts and sense of humor.

Now I am not sure where "bbq pork market day" came from, but he thought I would laugh at it. What a joker!!! And he was right -- I laughed out loud! (We found out he was copying off a Market Day box in the classroom.)

Here's to you, Matt: JOB WELL DONE!!!