Pitching In

This summer Steve is taking a couple administrative courses in education. On top of that he has some positions to fill at school. He came home the other day stressed and maxed out. "How will I manage to keep all these due dates and conquer my tasks at home??"

Here comes Lori to the rescue!!

For those of you that have been visiting my blog for awhile, you will remember when I was stuck doing this job for 6 weeks. Well, in order to ease Steve's life so he can focus on his studies I am picking up the shovel once again and pitching in. I guess when I agreed to "for better and for worse" that also meant "when hubby needs the lawn mowed, I'll do it because I love him". I know I would desire the same thing if my life got hectic. Isn't that what marriage (love) is all about? Helping without complaining. Easing the other's pain. Being there through thick and thin.

Steve called on his way home from work asking that I fill the lawn mowers tank so he can get started. I played along with him. "Sure thing!" When he arrived home he was so relieved the lawn was manicured by yours truly! Instead, he used that extra time to play with the boys before hitting the books. He thanked me over and over again. It's a nice feeling.