Leggo My Eggo? Ok, you can have it!

Recently I decided to try Pamela's Amazing Wheat Free Bread Mix hoping for a good find. Let me just tell you, it's the best gluten free bread thus far!! I make it in our Zojirushi bread machine and it turns out totally delicious every time. Those of you who eat gluten free bread understand how difficult it is keeping it moist and plyable. It also tends to crumble quickly and the shelf life is short. But this one is moist, very gluten-like and keeps well! Pamela's also makes a kick-butt pancake and brownie mix which also come with alternative recipes for chocolate cake and muffins. How awesome is that???

That said, this morning Matt requested French toast for breakfast. I popped in an Eggo waffle for Mark and started working on the French toast. As I started plating it Mark wanted a try. I gave him a bite. Immediately the Eggo waffle was pushed aside (thrown off his plate actually) and he asked for "Matt's toast". So I had to put another slice on the griddle for little Marky too and both plates were cleaned off. Goes to show you Matt doesn't miss out on much sticking to a gluten free diet. (Plus, mom throwing in her spice of love helps!)