Just Another Day

Sunday was special (Father's Day), but it ended up like any other day around this house. Steve worked on his studies. I did laundry. NASCAR was on (hurray for Carl Edwards!!). We attended church as a family. The boys played with water balloons. You know, just a typical Sunday. Sometimes I feel Steve gets the short end of stick during Father's Day. His birthday (June 19) falls around that day. He's used to combined gifts and yummy eats all at once. He commented about feeling a year older on Father's Day and it's not even his birthday yet! But there were some points that made Dad's day special:

Matt presented Steve with a homemade card and I made some photo frames for his office -- some of his all-time favorite snapshots!

Our church organized a "Dad's Fest" and served eggs and sausage after service. They played country-like praise and worship and did a cute top 10 list. We laughed a lot and thanked God over and over again for the men that lead our homes.

We ordered take-out and went out for ice cream. Steve will never turn down a trip for frozen treats no matter how full he is!

I try to do special things for my dear hubby on a daily basis, but I fall short. Don't we all? I know my greatest Mother's Day wish is to have that kind of support every day not just on a "Hallmark day", but my family disappoints me too. We all have faults!

So my prayer is to find ways to bless Steve on typcial days. To encourage him. Let him know this family appreciates all his hard work and sacrifice.

I will end this. Anticipating tomorrow when Steve celebrates his 37th birthday. We have nothing planned but a softball and baseball game after dinner. Steve has a paper due this week. Work. Ironing. Swimming lessons. Just another day? We'll see......