Summer Schedule Thus Far

Get out of bed when Mark wakes up, which can be around 9am some days. (I thank him over and over again for this since Matt was born an early bird.)

Staying in our PJs until lunchtime.

Swimming lessons for Matt from 1-1:50pm every day for three weeks. I use this short time to run to the grocery store or Target. I usually have a good 30 minutes to power shop with my little Marky.

Home around 2:20pm. Mark goes straight upstairs for his nap, which leads to......


Dinner around 5-6pm. (This all depends if Matt has a baseball game or we tag-a-long to watch Steve play softball on Tuesdays.)

Play inside/outside until the boys' bedtime which is flexible thanks to no school in the morning.

Watch a movie or, better yet, press the "DVR" button on the remote control to see what's recorded. AH -- a quiet night with my hubby on the living room couch. There is nothing better. WAIT...maybe a bowl of ice cream in our hands too!

Tucked in my sweet bed falling asleep while watching reruns of "Everybody Loves Raymond" or "Seinfeld".