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What was I doing 10 years ago:
1. Steve and I had been married for almost two years and we rented a home for less than a small apartment.
2. Working as a dental assistant.
3. I had no desire to start a family yet. Steve and I were enjoying our freedom, but that all changed 3 years later.
4. Sitting at my parents' kitchen table when we heard about Princess Diana's crash and couldn't imagine she would die a few hours later.
5. Driving a black 2-door 1992 Ford Escort

Five snacks I enjoy:
1. Carribean Brown Rice Black Bean Salad -- so fresh and yummy!
2. Cereal
3. Coffee ice cream
4. Chips and FRESH salsa like tomato or avocado/corn
5. Krispy Kremes -- delish, but sinful!

5 songs I know all the lyrics to:
1. Most praise and worship
2. "I Can Only Imagine" Mercy Me
3. "Dancing Queen" ABBA
4. Any Wiggles song known to man!
5. Does the "Star-Spangled Banner" count?

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire:
1. Tithe our gross earnings and give to those in need
2. Have no mortgage
3. Travel with our family
4. Have our boys' college education taken care of
5. Invest well so Steve could retire early

5 bad habits:
1. Talking too much and listening less often.
2. Not being patient with my kids when I need to let them take their time
3. I don't read much besides the newspaper/magazines. The last time I read a book was Where the Heart Is (8 years ago!)
4. Not using sunblock when I've learned the hard way too many times!
5. I have to watch TV while falling asleep.

5 things I would never wear again:
1. A string bikini
2. Any pants/skirts with pleats
3. Shoulder pads
4. Nylon jog suits with chains and tassles print

5 Favorite Toys:
1. Barbie
2. Strawberry Shortcake
3. Book with 45's to read along with
4. MUSIC!!! (Disco Duck, Rock 80, Thriller)
5. Dress up clothes which consisted of stylish stuff my mom and Aunt Jane gave me.

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