Good Eats

MorningSong tagged me to reveal 5 favorite local restaurants. And let me also add that we lean towards places that cater to a gluten free diet since our oldest son, Matthew, was diagnosed with Celiac Disease at age 2. Let me begin:

1. Chipotle (my latest find and favorite) Not only do they cater to a gluten free diet, but their food is so fresh and yummy. Get the "burrito bol" and fill 'er up!

2. Culvers Their burgers are juicy and hot-of-the-grill fresh. They also cater to a gluten free diet (dedicated fryer for French fries) and with every kid's meal comes a free scoop of frozen custard with sprinkles -- a child's must have. Beats any fast food!

3. OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE They have a separate gluten free menu. What more could Matt ask for? He never turns down their "ribs on the barbie" or baked sweet potato with brown suger.

4. chilis I am not a huge Chilis fan, but recently they also jumped on the celiac friendly bandwagon and created a gluten free menu. Hi-5 to Chilis!!!

5. Potbelly This place may not have a lot when it comes to gluten free items, but I sure love their vegetarian sub with hearty mushrooms. Usually I am a meat eater with subs, but this one rocks.

And while we are on the subject of good eats, O Mama Mia's Cucina is having a spectacular coffee giveaway -- right up my alley! My fingers are crossed!!