On This Day...

As I sat in bed this morning I reflected back on June 21, 2005 when I gave birth in the wee hours of the morning and woke up to the nurse saying, "Ok, Lori, I think little Mark is hungry again." I was waiting for Steve and my other son, Matthew, to arrive. This was Matthew's first time seeing his little brother and you can see the gleam on his face!

"Mom, he is so beautiful! Mom, you are so beautiful! I love you and baby Mark."

"Lori, Mark looks just like your dad. Look at that long forehead!"

"UGH, Mark is STILL not latching on!!!"

"Wait, how am I supposed to feed both kids and give them baths?"

"He's my little boo-boo!!!!"

"It is possible to get both boys in bed at the same time!"

"Wake up, Mark, gotta get your brother from preschool."

"Wake up, Mark, gotta run to Matt's t-ball practice."

"Oh no, do you have ANOTHER cold!"

"Lori, I think Mark would be a good candidate for ear tubes."

Back in bed I think, "How did a year go by so fast?" Then I look forward to years ahead: family vacations, brother "sleep overs", and more.

Happy Birthday, Mark!! We look forward to many years together!!