In the dark..........

Tuesday I took Mark for his 15-month check up. I had my list of questions and warned the nurse on the phone last week that this appointment would be a counseling session as well as a check up.

As soon as our doctor came in we got right down to it. I shared Mark’s symptoms back in August. To make the situation more confusing, the allergen test (RAST) came back positive for a milk allergy, which by the way, is not 100% accurate. Considering Mark has not reacted to milk-base formula or dairy products, we are ruling that out for now. His celiac panel came back negative too, but when I limited gluten for a few days his bowels improved. Again - more confusion!!!

When I received the lab results over the phone I called U of C’s Celiac Hotline and spoke to their nurse. She mentioned celiac blood screening may not be accurate in toddlers as young as Mark and to come in for an initial visit and Dr. Guandalini will perform the intestinal biopsy the same day (the only 100% accurate way to test for celiac disease).

So I am left without answers as of yet. Mark’s growth chart is still climbing and consistent with “the curve”: 24lb 10oz and in the 90% range in height and head circumference. Stunted growth is a common symptom of celiac disease; however he gained 2 pounds since his last check up in June.

His bowels are normal some days, but when they seem loose, etc, I have to ask, “What if this is celiac?” Mark has been waking in the middle of the night again. Is he experiencing cramping or going through the usual sleep problems toddlers go through? The “what ifs” are driving me crazy!!!

After talking to the pediatrician, we have to get answers. We need to rule out everything and move on. October 10th at 9:45am Mark will have the biopsy done. It is not a fun appointment because he can only have clear liquids that morning until 8:30am. Try telling a toddler he cannot eat or drink. YUCK! And I won’t even begin to discuss how a toddler comes out of anesthesia. It is grueling. I am prepared since Matthew went through the procedure when he was diagnosed. Please pray for a smooth day. Pray everything goes quickly.

We will get through this. We will get answers and move on. Only for a season....

I hope all of you have a great weekend.