Rub-A-Dub Dub Boys in a Tub

Bath [bahth]
A washing or immersion of something as for cleansing or medical treatment

Bath time has a lot of meanings in my daily life.

I remember giving my boys their first submersed bath when their umbilical cords fell off. I used the washcloth to clean them and to guard myself from any "unwanted spraying" (those with boys would understand). It was as if I was holding this fragile object. Could I break this little thing? That freshly washed smell an infant’s head has is priceless and I still grasp a hint of it from time to time. Their fuzzy hair. Their soft skin.

It is the place where Matthew and Mark had their first experience playing together with a red plastic ball.

“Throw it to Marky, Matt. Now throw it back to big brother.”
“Here, Peanut. Take the rings. I love you, brother Mark.”
"Aw, Mom, he just smiled at me!"

They laugh and splash all the time. Witnessing the beginning of their relationship brought an indescribable joy. One of many yet to come...

We talk about our day. What was our favorite time. Matt usually comments how “center time” is fun at school and recess is the best. Mark just smiles and says “ba ba” and “ma ma” and gives me a few gummy grins.

It is a place where I often get frustrated. Is anyone listening to me? How many times do I have to say “The toys stay IN the tub”? I could be doing so many other things right now, but I am stuck watching these two and getting wet at the same time. Oh, my knees are killing me!

“Mom, my boo boo hurts bad. OUCH! It really stings!”
“Mom, Mark got water in my eyes!”
“Mooooooom, I need a towel to wipe my face!”
“Mark won’t let me play with anything!”

URG!! In comes the knowledge that bedtime is coming soon. My day of being a mom is almost over. Soon the boys will be in sweet slumber and I can watch my TV shows -- not Power Rangers or Spongebob -- and relax on the couch without interruptions. Thank God for TiVo!!

Bath time. Sometimes I love it. Sometimes I hate it. But overall, it gives our family lasting memories.