Elementary, My Dear

Stephanie at Adventures in Babywearing tagged me to recall events spanning my time in elementary school. Before I begin my remembrance, I will have to tag someone too: NICOLE!!!

I am shocked to think I finished my last year in elementary school 20 years ago. That just makes me feel old! However as I sit here and recall moments during that time it is as if I am there all over again. Circle times, long division, field days, milk money, mini skirts, lip synching, cool pencil boxes, MTV, Rubik's Cube.......

Throughout my school life I was always the outgoing one. "Talking too much in class" was my biggest negative teacher comment. I was the definition of drama queen -- always performing! Unfortunately my sanguine personality was not so in second grade when I got my first perm. I wanted Farrah Faucet's feather-perfect hair and thought a perm would give it needed wave. My mom took me to my Uncle Frank's barber shop where Kathy did the job. I remember her acrylic nails as long as claws as she sectioned my locks. When she took the curlers out my hair was a tight afro!!! The next day my teacher said, "Lori, you have to take your coat off, it is time to start the day." I was mortified to remove it since I used the hood to hide my "clown wig".

As years passed Teen Bop magazines were popular and Corey Haim was the man!! "21 Jump Street" introduced us to Johnny Depp. My friends and I would imagine us living in Hollywood with Judd Nelson as a boyfriend. Did you honestly know any girl that actually liked Alyssa Milano? Seriously, we were all green with envy when "Who's the Boss" came on knowing every boy was drooling over her!!

My best friend, Karly, and I would spend hours in my parents' basement lip synching to songs from Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. We were SOOOOOO cool with our neon tank tops and mis-matched earrings. Duran Duran eat your heart out and, yes, we knew the moves for "Thriller" and "Beat It"!!!

I am brought back to my living room couch listening to Matthew talk to the TV while Mark naps. Did I picture my life turning out this way when I was ten? Well Johnny Depp is a heavy smoker and Corey Haim is somewhere in California filming a new E! True Hollywood Story. I wouldn't change a thing!!!