The Breakfast Nazi

One morning when I asked Matt what he wanted for breakfast he answered, “Peanut butter and jelly.” At first I wanted to respond, “Matt that is for lunch. What do you want for breakfast?” But I stopped myself and thought again. PB&J is probably healthier than most of your cereals or microwave breakfast items like pancakes/waffles with syrup or for heaven's sake......a donut!! Not as much sugar and tons of protein in the peanut butter. So off I went to make him a PB&J sandwich (on gluten free bread of course). No big deal. Another morning he asked for eggs, sausage links and Lays Stax chips. Again I thought, “Lays Stax in the morning? Come on!” But what is the difference between that and eating hash browns. There I am plating scrambled eggs and Jimmie Dean links with potato chips on the side. Seems like breakfast is taking on a new spin.

This got me thinking. What do you think of your child eating a bowl of macaroni and cheese at 8am? What about you? In the morning do you prefer a bagel with cream cheese or a ham sandwich? A bowl of oatmeal v. a bowl of ravioli?

MATT'S STITCHES UPDATE: He had a friend over yesterday and they managed to knock heads together while goofing off in a tent. Yes, right on the area where Matt's stitches are! He snapped two of them, but it didn't cause much damage. The wound slightly opened but it was only on the surface (bled for a bit). Problem is he'll probably have a more pronounced scar. NICE!