The Keyboard Is Out

I am back after my week long break. Blogging is a great outlet for me to express my thoughts and document about my family, but hanging up the keyboard for a week was just what I needed. It allowed my family to take every advantage of the warm air and sunshine.

I did my Costco errand as well as a couple Target trips alone. Matt participated in a three-day baseball camp. Steve and I finished some home d├ęcor projects and as the boys ran in and out of the back door playing on the deck I wondered if our neighbors could hear me scream from the kitchen, “Would you just share with your brother!”

We slept in. Yes, that wonderful feeling of not setting the alarm clock. When there is no school Matt knows he is allowed to watch morning cartoons without waking us to ask. Mark blesses us by sleeping in (something Matt rarely did), so our days started around 8-9am. Refreshing.

Steve is usually out the door before Matt and I come downstairs for breakfast. It was special when everyone was home to share a bowl of Trix. We talked about articles in the paper. Matt rattled off his favorite Star Wars characters for the 100th time. Mark usually looks at us like we are all nuts!

I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I was to have Steve home. He helped with laundry, the boys, cleaning, baths...the list goes on and on. Just having him around was a comfort and my eyes are tearing thinking how much I'll miss him this week.

We visited grandparents. Played games. Ate out. Laughed. Stayed up late. Matt and I attempted an Easter craft using Mog Pogde, water balloons and tissue paper. How does it look?

Good times!

But everything came to a screeching halt when Mark spiked a temp around 100-102 last night. Another ear infection? Virus? We’ll see. So I am off to cuddle my little one and make sure I stay rested myself. A happy mom makes a happy house!