Prom Weekend

Saturday I accompanied Steve to his high school’s prom. (Let me remind those of you that are new to my blog that he is a high school principal. We aren’t going through some strange midlife crisis!) I usually sit with the other administrators’ wives as we judge the gowns and call out our favorites. Even though the loud music is still ringing in my ears, I can’t complain about eating a served meal that I didn’t cook or have to clean up. How many of you enjoy a night out without the kids even though it may not be a fun dinner/movie or an event of your choosing? It’s still getting out of the house, dressed up, with Steve.....alone! When we came home he surprised me with flowers (a bouquet left on a table by a couple). Still, it's the thought that counts. Aren't they beautiful?

This week the grocery store is calling my name. Or should I say screaming my name? We are practically out of everything. The boys eating habits were horrible last week. Steve was out of town for two nights, plus other scheduled events and baseball practice/games made is easier for me to grab McD’s than cook a meal. Call me lazy, but guilt started to set in serving the clown's burgers or microwaving hotdogs -- GROSS!! So, this week I pledge to stock my fridge with fruits and veggies. The pantry with healthy snacks. The freezer with good grilling meats. Ok, I am motivated. Gotta get my van's keys!

UPDATE: We are back from the store. Fruits and vegetables fill my refrigerator's bins. Got the healthy snacks stored away. And 4 ribeyes are ready for grilling tonight. GOOD EATS!!!