What are the odds?

Friday night Steve and I attended an annual fundraiser for his school’s booster club -- a reverse raffle. We won $235 plus a $25 Hallmark gift card. BONUS!! We were on a high that night. Good eats. Adult conversation. The kids loved their babysitter. I mean what are the odds of everything going so well???


Saturday morning Steve took Matt to his softball practice like always. Matt loves to pal around with the big guys and play some ball. I was home with Mark when the phone rang.

“Lori, get your things ready. Matt took a ball on the head and split it wide open.”

You can imagine what thoughts ran through my head. “Where did he get hit?” “How did it happen?” “Is he bleeding a lot?” “How did Steve let this happen?” “Hope everyone is alright.” So off I went to get Mark and me ready.

Steve and Matt arrive home. I get a glimpse of the cut and it’s above his left eyebrow: little over 2 inches long and I can see straight down to his bone! It’s bleeding a lot! I make it like everything will be ok, but I motion to Steve behind Matt’s back and mouth the words, “Oh my God!!! This is really bad!!!” We high-tail it to the ER. Matt is whimpering a little, but handling himself well.

They see Matt right away. Since Steve knows many doctors in our area we demanded to see a specific plastic surgeon to handle the case. He arrived in 15 minutes and started to work. Matt was upset with the numbing shot, but during the stitches part he made great conversation with the doctor about NASCAR and baseball. All of us asked if he will play again and Matt responded, “I think so.”

Total stitches: 8 (We told Matt he’s a stud and all)

Steve finally told me what happened. He threw a ball to Matt from 1st to home plate (just a regular throw) and he missed it with the tip of his mitt. The ball hit a “bull’s eye” area above the eyebrow where the skin is tight and easy to split. No line drive or hard collision. Just plain bad luck! So, again, what are the odds?

On tonight’s menu: love, compassion, a little guilt, some pizza and going to a movie with a friend!