Airing Tonight

The other day I was talking on the phone to my dear friend Stephanie and she said something that I've been repeating in my mind over and over again:

"Lori, your life is a sitcom."

Yesterday Mark woke up in the morning playing as usual in his crib when all of the sudden everything changed to a hollering cry. I quickly went in and he managed to injure his front baby tooth. Don't ask me how -- I wasn't in his room at the time. Maybe those baby video monitors that I thought were so silly are actually a useful device? Anyway, the gumline was bleeding and you could see bruising above the tooth all over the gum and soft tissue area. I used to dental assist before I became a full-time mommy, so I knew the signs to look for in case we needed to see a dentist.

His tooth slightly shifted forward and was barely loose. So......I call our pediatric dentist that sees Matt, who I love by the way, so my mind would be put at ease.

Everything is fine. No root fracture. It'll tighten up again, but the tooth may discolor in several weeks or months. Mark is such a daredevil and so far his life is proving that again and again.....

So Stephanie's comment brought needed humor to my day. Thanks, girlfriend!