Lost and Unfortunately Found

As I was emptying our dishwasher today I recalled a moment in my life:

One day I went outside to clean out our van. I scanned every nook and cranny searching for gum wrappers or a stale cracker. And then I came across a sippy cup under the passenger’s seat. This is the same sippy cup I was scratching my head about wondering, “Where the heck did that go??” Let me further say that Matt was well over 4 and not using sippy cups anymore.

What was in that cup? Milk? Or, please God, water? Juice? Dare I open this sippy cup that has been camping in this van for probably a year or longer?

Curiosity got the better of me and I opened it.

I assumed white grape juice was the culprit. There was hardly anything left but a sugary powder on the sides. However, growing off the “valve” was this black, hard matter that resembled a stalagmite measuring a few inches. It wasn’t worth keeping this science experiment –- off in the trash it went.

Recalling this moment made me wonder what science experiments you’ve found as a mother. Some cheese left under a sofa? A half eaten sandwich hid under a table? Or a new unwanted pet? The winner will receive a year supply of sanity and a pat on the back!