"Count Me In!"

This weekend is special. Matt's opening day is Saturday (baseball) and he is so excited to start the season off. Stitches and all he is ready to step up to the plate and "play ball!" As for me I can't wait to see my son play, but then there is a potential obstacle: MARK!! Not sure how he will cope sitting for a couple hours watching rookie ball. My prediction is he'll want to run around and not stay in one place. I will bribe him with many suckers if I have to! So this mom will roll her sleeves up and do what she needs to do in order to witness Matt hit a line-drive.

And 5 Minutes for Mom is hosting another contest. I am not big on participating in contests, but couldn't pass up this digital frame from Philips! Steve has been hinting about wanting one for his office. A Father's Day gift??? Possibly!