There was a time when Matt would approach me for a hug or kiss. Without a word from me he would snuggle up and stay there for a good amount of time. He was always willing to show me affection.

Times have changed. Mr. Independent and Cool prefers to watch "Pokemon" on the couch with s p a c e. I try to sit next to him, but the other day he said, "Mom, your breathing is bugging me." (I KNOW!) He wakes me in the morning with "Mom, can I go watch TV?" No morning kiss. No welcome. Just something he wants. Sometimes I'll grab him and he'll push away and go back to the main question, "Mom, can I watch TV?"

This morning when he asked for more Trix, I replied, "Can you give me a kiss for more milk?" He did and I soaked in every moment! Then he went back to the main question, "Can I have my Trix now?"

So this what our relationship has boiled down to? Bribes! Seems like the only way to gain his affection. Don't get me wrong. I get a kiss when I tuck him in at night. We have conversations about our day. About sports. About friends and life. About which Power Ranger is stronger: green or red????? (Even I am lost with that one!!) I love that part of our relationship. But there areas in our relationship that are slowly starting to disappear. Seems like I have to find the exact time to ask about Matt's day in order to get a full answer. I thank God I have the opportunity to rediscover these moments with Mark, but it's not the same. Mark isn't Matt. I just love my son and pray when he's graduating high school he takes a few seconds to hug me and say: "Mom, thanks for everything. I love you."

This got me thinking: Do I exercise my relationship with my Lord on a daily basis? Do I only give Him time when He offers something in return? Do I aprroach His throne when things are going well or only when I am in need? Oh boy, did I have a heart check with this one!

As I long for these moments with Matt, I pray they remind me to pick up God's Word and learn more and more about His character. To stay in relationship with Him. Consistently. No matter how my life's journey is at the moment.

COMING FRIDAY: "The Family Table"!! Where does your family frequently eat their meals? Is it a regular table? An island w. barstools? The living room couch? Get your cameras ready and snap a shot of your "family table". I can't wait to see and share!!