The temps sky-rocketed this weekend! Mid-90's and humid. We brought out our Slip 'n' Slide (for the first time this season if you can believe it) and quickly our backyard became the "in" place to be. Matt's neighborhood buddies came over for most of Saturday and part of Sunday. I was on filling-the-water-balloons duty and I think I filled that Gladware container so many times I lost count. Mark camped out by the Slip 'n' Slide filling cups of water and dumping them. Toddlers are so easily amused!

What do you think happened next? You guessed right -- they turned on me! I was drenched several times! (No photo of that -- sorry everyone!)
So overall I think we went through 10 CapriSuns, two large bowls of popcorn and a gallon of floor cleaner!

Also, Saturday night I was surprised when Baseballs and Bows randomly selected me to receive a copy of Holy Discontent. I believe all things happen for a reason and I anticipate how God speaks through this. (Thanks, Lauren!!)

REMEMBER: Coming soon....."The Family Table"!! Where does your family frequently eat their meals? Is it a regular table? An island w. barstools? The living room couch? Get your cameras ready and snap a shot of your "family table". I can't wait to see and share!!