"You are so yummy!"

I say this every morning to Mark. He is all smiles when I walk into his bedroom. I kiss his head before changing the first diaper of the day. He lets me know exactly what I'll find: "poo poo" or "pee pee"

I say this when he runs to me. We sit on the floor. I kiss his plump feet. Tickle his neck. Make him laugh hard, you know, that "belly laugh".

I say this when he makes his usual teethy grin. He always stops for a quick snapshot!

I say this after dinner when ketchup is smeared around his lips. Applesauce in his hair. Mark has never been a neat eater. I take him to the sink to wash up. He loves the feel of foam soap between his fingers.

I say this after a bath. He dances naked and refuses to put his PJ's on. He requests many books to be read. I don't have to elborate on how much I love that fresh-out-of-the-bath scent. Moms know.

I say this while we sit together on the couch before "night night". He grabs a fleece blanket and leans on my side. I eat this time up, even though he's picking his nose or passing gas then quickly acknowledging "me!"

I say this before bedtime. He loves to brush his teeth and drink from a Dixie Cup. Sometimes his spit hits the sink. Most of the time he misses. He grabs the towel to clean up his minor mess. Off he goes to his crib and gives me a good night kiss. The day is done. And then I greet him the next morning......

"Mark, you are so yummy!"

COMING SOON: "The Family Table" Where does your family frequently eat their meals? Is it a regular table? An island w. barstools? The living room couch? Get your cameras ready and snap a shot of your "family table". I can't wait to see and share!!