Did you know.....

Grocery bill today: $118 (rounded up)

Weekend outing: Visiting Steve's dad Saturday

On our DVR list: 10 Wiggles, 6 Thomas & Friends episodes and a variety of cheezy Pokemon movies.

What I ate for breakfast this morning: Frosted Flakes (Is 10:15am still considered breakfast?)

Accomplished: Finally finished last season of Lost and freed up our HD recording space space. Hi-5!

Matt's news: Swimming is over and he finished in level 3. And to think he didn't even know how to float or blow bubbles when he started!

On the menu for dinner tonight: Ham, sweet potatoes and broccoli

My plan: Taking a needed blogging break! Staring at this monitor is starting to hurt my head. My apologies for lacking in commenting, etc. Blessings.....