Pleasant Surprises

WOW! "The Family Table" photo tag was such a hit -- and still going strong! To everyone that participated, I enjoyed reading about your dining traditions and viewing all the photos. THANK YOU! After seeing several kitchens in white, I am tempted to paint my cabinets! (Steve would kill me since we've lived in our home for over 7 years and I have yet to paint the living/dining room.) So if you haven't participate yet, there is still time. GO NOW!

Friday night Matt and I went on a mother/son date to our local water park. Our church along with several other churches rented the facility which meant a huge discount on the ticket price. Unfortunately the weather was around 70 degrees and we left an hour early to go home for hot chocolate -- yes in July! Chills and all I enjoyed time with my son!!

And he smiled big time when he realized a "quick trip after church" meant purchasing a new bike. His birthday is around Christmas, so it makes buying things like a bike difficult during the winter months. Besides the old bike was getting way to small for his tall legs. He was thrilled! Last night what was supposed to be a short walk to show his friends his new set of wheels ended up being a two-hour ordeal visiting neighbors, etc. (Next thing you know I see Steve driving down the street worried something happened to us. OOPS! It was after 9pm. Maybe I should have called?) I am so thankful for our neighborhood!