The Family Table -- JOIN IN!

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I admit when I was a teenager there were times I wanted to microwave popcorn for dinner and camp out in front of the TV while watching Beverly Hills 90210, but as I grew up I cherished the moments I sat with my family eating dinner every night. We talked about our day. What we liked/disliked. You know, family stuff.

I guess I've followed in my parents' footsteps. My family eats dinner together at this table every night. Yes, sometimes it's take-out or pizza, but who cares what's on the menu, right? The point is we are together sharing in conversation. The TV is off and it's just us. Sometimes it's the only time we can sit together and talk about our day. And when my boys expect that, it makes me feel good.

I couldn't end this post without mentioning my countertop area. This is where Matt eats breakfast every morning during the school year. It's our special time before Mark wakes up and everything goes crazy. We chat about all kinds of things while I whip up breakfast -- even if it's a simple bowl of Trix -- and I indulge in my first sips of coffee bliss. It's also the place where Matt's friends like to devour snacks in between playing baseball and riding bikes. They always know I am stocked with chocolate milk!

So there you have it -- my "family table(s)". Now it's your turn. Share yours!