Same Old Same Old

Another holiday without plans. I started laundry. Made pancakes and forgot about a set of them. Yep, one side golden brown. The other burned black! (Thanks cup of coffee and newspaper.) And you all thought I had my act together, right? The jig is up!

Steve went into the office to work on his studies. I worked on my grocery list. Watched The Wiggles with Mark. Listened to Lego Star Wars while posting this.

Grilled steaks, tomatoes and zucchini. Let the boys consume too much sugar. (We allow pop consumption on holidays.) After dinner we took a family walk around the neighborhood. Visited next-door friends. Then to my shock Mark thought he could just climb out of the wagon while in motion. What is he thinking?

Watched fireworks go off above the trees while sitting on our deck. It sounded like a war zone. Played soccer with Matt in the pitch black. Took a ball to the head. OUCH!

Counting down the days until swimming lessons start again. (Monday)