Emotional Detox

Those words popped into my mind after I got off the phone with my mom this morning. She gave me a needed pep talk and reminded me that even thought I "needed" God these last several days doesn't mean He ever left me to begin with. I never lost my mind even though it seemed like it. I stayed focused and pulled through. To know that God stands with me, by me and for me daily is comforting. And God bless Arianne who commented that God is "closer than breathing" -- what confirmation! God knew what I needed to hear and He poured His love on me.

I told my mom that I never want to become that apathetic Christian when life is good. When I am coasting I tend to forget that I need God. I pray less. Read His Word less. Off He goes to the backseat as I drive off taking my days for granted until **BAM** God reminds me that He is above all and in all and totally in control. It's never about me, but Him! I can't do life on my own even when life seems content and peaceful. I still need Him to guide my attitudes and tongue. Even on good days, I stumble.

At this moment I feel my emotional baggage draining and I will refill this vessel with joy, peace, love and kindness. Let the healing begin!