Look What My Son Did

One day when Matt is getting under my skin, which happens every now and then being a social butterfly that he is and reminding him to turn this off and that off and to wash his hands and, well, you catch my drift! I need to look on this post and know what a special boy God gave us to raise.

During our homework conversation he told me that a student cannot have sugar. I told him all about diabetes and he confirmed that's what his classmate has. He then explains that his teacher gave Matt the job of taking this boy to nurse every day to get his blood sugar checked. The thought of someone looking upon my son as responsible warmed my heart. Matt said confidently, "She knows I have a special diet too, so I can handle this." But nothing prepared me for this.....

He then goes on to tell me he spoke to his art teacher. Let me admit that on Matt's report card he did well overall, but his conduct in art received an "S" for "sometimes". He was so distraught over that mark and Steve told him that maybe he should talk to his teacher about it. And he did! I guess he socializes instead of working on his projects (no surprise) and he committed to his art teacher that he would work on being more focused.

Matt did this. My Matt! Just when you think your child doesn't get it, you may be surprised that all your hard work is paying off. I know I feel that way today.