Right now it's 9:45am and I slept all night. I needed that and hope my mom did the same. She was definitely lacking in that department all week. Yesterday by mid-afternoon she left for home and we all know how caring for yourself helps you care for others.

My dad is doing well. Hopefully he'll be out of the surgical ICU by Saturday. Right now they are changing his lying positions throughout the day and then getting him up to sit in a chair. All of this helps his body heal faster. One thing we notice about U of C's staff is they don't waste time. They sure get the "show on the road"!

Today I am home to regroup myself. The boys' schedule is so off right now and their past two dinners have been hot dogs or McD's. (Anything to make things easier.) They need to sense some normalcy again too. I plan to head back up to Chicago Saturday and possibly Sunday.

And THANKS THANKS THANKS for thinking, praying, encouraging and supporting us.