So That's It!

Ok, so my dad is feeling better. He is prepared for surgery and all should go well.

I took Matt in to see the doctor this morning (Saturday hours rock) and he has strep. Guess that sore throat was something after all!

Around 7am when Mark did his usual mommy call to get him this morning he told me he was wet. I checked his PJ's and found a damp spot. Then I found something else. It wasn't poop. What was it? I even put it up to my nose to smell it. When I opened up the shades to brighten his room it was apparent that he threw up in the middle of the night. Never cried for me. Never moaned. We never heard a thing. He's just fine playing like any other day. What toddler throws up and never whimpers about it?

Our movie just keeps getting better and better!

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

UPDATE: Mark's throat is now all swollen. Gonna make another call in the morning and hopefully our pediatrician will come through and help on a Sunday.