Movin' Right Along

I am dragging today. Mark and I are venturing out to Target in order to refill his nebulizer Rx. He had croup last night, which I anticipated could happen after Matt got over a chest cold last week. Mark took his breathing treatments with ease and went back to sleep singing "Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes". He's a breeze! Thankfully I have a Target $10 gift card coupon with an Rx - BONUS!

I spoke with my dad last night. His bowels are in motion (gross, I know, but a huge praise report). His spirits are better and we hope he is released sometime after Wednesday. I don't know how individuals deal with trauma without God and the Body of Christ praying and supporting!

Matt brought his report card home yesterday. He's doing well. No surprises. No troubles. No worries. That made me smile.

I guess I better get back to commenting on a gazillion blogs; entering Rocks In My Dryer's Bloggy Giveaways. Some serious rockin' stuff to win!