One Thing After Another

Thanks for all of your encouraging words. It's so good to know a community of believers are praying and standing with you.

These past few days have been stressful and I don't do well with stress. It affects my appetite and flow of my day. My dad needs surgery. In a nutshell his already enlarged prostate cut off his urethra, which backed up his urine. He was in such pain and my mom took him to the ER Wednesday. They emptied a 2-liter bottle's worth! On top of that they found calcification in his bladder (probably bladder stones), so he'll need that taken care of too. It's been a lot for my mom to deal with and my dad has felt less than comfortable. And I feel guilty as they go through another battle without my help, but there is always prayer.

Tuesday I decided to start potty training Mark, but when my dad's problems hit the fan along with Mark's lack of absorbing toilet skills, I gave up. I feel like a failure, but he won't be in diapers at age five, right? I called it quits for a little bit. I can't be mean about it and with my emotions everywhere, it's just not a good time to force anything.

And for most of the week Matt has complained about something. A few days ago it was his stomach, which didn't result in anything, and last night it was a bad sore throat. I just didn't need the extra whining and complaining.

Steve has been busy all week. His classes started back up and I found out I will have to back out of my Bunco group since one class meets on Tuesday nights. On top of that he has basketball games and other meetings. I've been kinda lonely and my attitude has needed tweaking.

This will pass. Life moves on. God is in control and His promises are new every morning! I just needed to vent.....