Looking at the Positive

Things that will brighten my day:
  • A morning cup of coffee with cream & sugar, please.

  • My new favorite snack to munch on: sugar snap peas

  • Our dishwasher!

  • A nice, hot shower and maybe I'll have time to blow-dry my hair too.

  • Clorox wipes (makes cleaning a bathroom swift and easy)

  • The time between 1:00pm and 3:00pm when Mark is down for his nap and Matt is still at school - ah, sweet peace.

  • Chapstick

  • Fresh, clean clothes (laundry day)

  • A bowl of cereal. I just love cereal! Especially Frosted Flakes now - it changes often.

  • This CD! "Hear Us From Heaven" is my favorite. When I don't know what or how to pray, I just pop in worship music and sing.

And one thing that would brighten my dad's day is getting his catheter out. Pray he "goes" regularly and fully! (Thanks)