Do You Know My ABC's?

Reflecting Him conjured up another meme -- this time it goes A...B...C...D...

  1. Accent: Midwest with a touch of Indiana-twang
  2. Bible Book I Like: John and Romans
  3. Chore I Hate: Cleaning the bathroom!
  4. Dog or Cat: Neither - not really a pet lover
  5. Essential Electronics: COMPUTER!!
  6. Favorite Cologne: Not a perfume wearer, but I love bath products with mint and vanilla. My hubby doesn't even wear cologne!
  7. Gold or Silver: Gold
  8. Handbag I Carry Most Often: When it's not my diaper bag I have a variety of different ones.
  9. Insomnia: No - too tired from a day full of errands and kids!
  10. Job Title: Full-time Mom
  11. Kids: Matthew (5) Mark (almost 1)
  12. Living Arrangements: Two-story home in suburbia with my husband of almost 11 years and two sons.
  13. Most Admirable Trait: Hospitality and compassion
  14. Naughtiest Childhood Behavior: On my school report card my teachers always wrote "Talks too much during class."
  15. Overnight Hospital Stays: Two - when I gave birth to my boys.
  16. Phobias: BUGS!!!
  17. Quote: I am not big on many quotes, but anything from Proverbs is good at dishing out wisdom
  18. Religion: Following Christ and making him Lord!
  19. Siblings: Two older brothers
  20. Time I Wake Up: Depends on when my rooster, Matt, gets up. Mark is the sleeper and doesn't get me out of bed until after 8am.
  21. Unusual Talent/Skill: Juggling. Does changing a diaper while the child is standing count?
  22. Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: Brussel Sprouts
  23. Worst Habit: Chewing the side of my mouth
  24. X-Rays: Besides yearly dental films I did have pictures taken of my arm when I broke it at age 3 (do I remember that?)
  25. Yummy Stuff I Cook: I make a good Italian beef!!
  26. Zoo Animal I Like: Anything from the monkey family. They are SO funny!!!